Non members can join our services and celebrate a Simcha on Shabbat (or even during the week) a Bar Mitzvah, Bris or Shabbat Chatan.

For non members the fee is $1100 (this is a donation to the synagogue not a rental fee)

Please make a payment by clicking here.

To sponsor the Shabbat Kiddush in honor of the Simcha click here.

If you sponsor the $770 option you can have up to 30 additional guests aside from the regular crowd.

With the $1000 option you can have up to 40 guests

Kiddush includes

Wine,  Whisky, Challah,  Kugel,  Cholent,  Chicken Schnitzel,  Franks in blankets,  Egg rolls & Pastries

You and your guests may also join our Friday night dinner for that weekend to reserve click here. If the date isn't available let us know.