tss1 Making Dreams Come True - Thursday, July 11th
How Actions Influence G‑d's Decisions
Some hopes are so far removed from reality that it seems ridiculous to even entertain them, let alone act upon them as if they were real. This lesson teaches the power of translating our hope into action, and how that directly affects their realization.
Class 3 Retracting Your Magnum Opus - Thursday, July 18th
The Courage to Sacrifice for the Truth
What kind of character does it take to reject your entire life's work all because of one minute flaw? Wouldn't you be tempted to let it slip by unnoticed? This is a story about the strength to risk all for the sake of standing by the truth.
Class 4 Bribing G‑d - Thursday, July 25th
The One Thing Money Cannot Buy
Whether by guilt or by some inner drive to be good, we are often tempted to overcompensate for our wrongdoings by being extra kind, being overly charitable, or by performing a particularly saintly deed. Is G‑d ever swayed by such behavior?
Class 5 Fowl Play - Thursday, August 1
Lessons from the Signs of a Kosher Bird
Hawkish, cocky, dovish-Judaism recognizes that we are what we eat. What makes a bird kosher? Which bird traits should we aspire to emulate? Which should we stay far away from? This lesson discussed the signs of a kosher bird, and why we should avoid imitating the vulture's critical eye.
Class 6 Are Kings Good Things? - Thursday, August 8th
Exploring the Underpinnings of a Jewish Monarchy
Is the Jewish notion of a king a mere relic from our ancient past? How is the mitzvah to appoint a king meaningful in our times? In this lesson, you'll discover a Jewish leadership model that's as relevant today as ever!
Class 7 Are You Big Enough to Care? -Thursday, August 15th
On the True Meaning of Greatness
What makes a man great? Is it his superior character and distinguished abilities that separates him from the rest? Or is it something else altogether? Discover a Jewish definition of greatness-one that defies convention.
Class 8 Between One Jew and Another - Thursday, August 22nd
The Joy of Shared Jewish Experience  What unites Jews as one people? Why are we all responsible to care for each other? This lesson explores the profound interconnectedness that binds all Jews together, and its practical implications for Jewish life.
Class 9 Children, Health, and Wealth - Thursday, August 29th
Why Bother G‑d with Our Personal Requests?
Why do we pray? To connect with G‑d, or to ask for our needs? This lesson offers a revolutionary approach to the function of prayer, and explains why we concern G‑d with even our mundane requests.
Class 10 More Than Perfect - Tuesday, September 3rd
When Effort Trumps Perfection  What's more important: arriving at the finish line, or endeavoring to get there? This lesson offers powerful insights into why Judaism prefers the struggles of the less-than-perfect over the flawless score of the naturally talented.
Class 11 Connecting - Thursday, September 12th
The Four Kinds and Their Lessons for Life
What lies in the way of materializing our dreams and ambitions? How do we overcome these obstacles? In this session, we examine the symbolism of the lulav and etrog, providing a powerful insight into how to succeed at life.