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Welcome to our judaica gift shop!

We have now posted, Mezuzahs, Mezuzah cases, Tallit and Tallit Bags and Tefillin

You may shop here or stop by Sunday thru Friday 8am to 11am


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There is a biblical command to attach fringes to the corners of four-cornered garments. The garments which sport these fringes, known as tallit and tzitzit serves as constant reminders of our obligations to G-d and our fellows.
Choose from our variety of beautiful Tallit Bags. The perfect home for both - your pair of Tefillin and your Tallit!
Tefillin is one of the most important Mitzvot (precepts) of the Torah. It has been observed and treasured for thousands of years, right down to the present day. The Torah mentions it more than once, but most explicitly in Deut. 6:8 "You shall bind them as a sign upon your hand, and they should be for a reminder between your eyes."

Tefillin consists of two small leather boxes attached to leather straps. The two boxes each contain four sections of the Torah inscribed on parchment...
Choose from our variety of beautiful Tefillin Bags. The perfect home for your pair of Tefillin!
A mezuzah (from the Hebrew for "doorpost") is a small parchment inscribed with short Torah passages in Hebrew. The parchment is rolled up, placed in a decorative case, and attached to the doorpost of Jewish homes. It is inscribed with the first passage of Shema on it
Huge selection to chose from over 50 styles. Made to match the décor of your home.
Choose Between 10, 12, 15, 20 or 25 cm options!
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Challah is the holy bread of Shabbat and other Jewish holidays. We carry a wide range of handcrafted Challah covers to suit your home or that of your friends. A nice Challah set can last a lifetime and we are proud to offer these works of art, each handmade in Israel.

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